Thursday, April 17, 2008

Dude, I'm cheesing my f-ing brains out right now. *


That's what I said when I stumbled across a particular article in L.A. Times' The Guide today. Actually, it was more of a Tourette-like shriek of excitement that I apparently could not contain. You'll read why in a second. Here, I'll walk you through it (my thoughts are in parentheses):

" YES, IT'S CHEESY (Hmm, what? Cheese? You've caught my attention..)

It's a slice of life organizers bill as "an orgy of cheese." (Ooh, please do go on..)

Begun in 2003 by a group of friends living together in a loft, the Grilled Cheese Invitational (Wait just ONE minute. THERE IS A FESTIVAL EVENT DEDICATED TO GRILLED CHEESE?! I'm going to piss my pants right now I'm so excited.) has grown from 16 competitors and 80 attendees to 150 sandwich makers and a crowd of as many as 800 attendees, who will serve as judges (!!!) blah blah blah blah... FREE.. blah blah. Blah. "

.. Yeah, actually right there I just kind of just skimmed through the rest and bolted to my computer to RSVP, only to find out it's fricken' maxed out its capacity! And then I got really bummed. And then after I pulled out of my momentary depression, I signed up for its e-mail list to be notified of cheesy announcements and to know in advance when the next event rolls into town.

And I can't wait. Just check out the categories for the competition.

Mmm.. my imagination's running wild with cheesy fantasies.



Lisa said...

I saw the categories online last week, and I thought the whole thing was a joke....but, I guess tis not.

Inez said...

Psh, grilled cheese is a VERY serious matter. I don't see how anyone would joke about that.