Thursday, July 1, 2010


Sooooooo. This post is a week late. When does the busy craziness end? Please someone tell me so I can comfort and reassure my lonely blog.

Also, now I'm in Seattle. Vacationing and enjoying the lovely city, the clean air, the trees (SoCal is SoNot as green as Seattle), and of course the FOOD. More updates on Seattle later. First: Back to OC.

Thanks to an invite from awesome OC blogger and food blahg reader Suz (Alive in Wonderland), I attended a BlogCrush event at Lazy Dog Cafe in Irvine, where we were treated to menu items selected by executive chef Gabriel Caliendo.

Favorites (and definitely things I would get again):
Togarashi edamame - soybeans made even more addictive with a slightly spicy seasoning
Shanghai tacos (lettuce cups) - savory and refreshing
Wok-fired calamari - crispy, spicy and sweet
Spicy Moroccan chicken and couscous - only tried the couscous, but would have been content laying my face in the plate

I was also at Lazy Dog for lunch that day (inadvertently booked lunch and dinner plans at the same restaurant) and got -- and loved -- the chicken salad sandwich and parmesan zucchini fries. I'd probably have no problem eating at the Lazy Dog Cafe for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Too bad they're not open for breakfast.

Now: Back to Seattle! Food updates soon, hopefully.

* * *
Lazy Dog Cafe (The Market Place)
13290 Jamboree Rd
Irvine 92602