Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Resolution #5: Eliminate use of plastic water bottles.

One of my first steps to being greener was using reusable canvas bags. This year, I'm trying more and more ways to step it up.

Which brings me to my New Year's Resolution #5: I'm going to attempt to eliminate the use of plastic water bottles. I've enlisted the help of these BPA-free canteens made by CamelBak:

I like these because they're sleek and pretty durable (I've banged mine up a few times without consequence), and they hold a decent amount of water (24 oz). And, I also like them because they're pretty handsome lookin' bottles. Because I always take it back to the cuteness/attractiveness factor.

But, honestly though, if I'm allowed to get my nerdy greenspeak on for a bit: Plastic water bottles are terrible for the environment -- even if you recycle -- because it's wasteful to just produce them.

Plus, by using a canteen and either using a water filter system at home or filling large 5-gallon jugs with water at the supermarket, you will save money. I mean, a lotta LOTTA money. (Think $1.25 to refill a 5-gallon jug versus $5+ for a pack of water bottles.)

These canteens are quite affordable: $9 at The Container Store. But you can find them just about anywhere nowadays.

So, will you make this resolution with me?

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