Sunday, September 9, 2007

Sun, sweat, and Street Fair.

Although I've been an Old Towne Orange resident for more than five years, Labor Day Weekend 2007 marked only my second time at the annual Orange International Street Fair. Friends are always shocked and appalled when they learn this about me. As they should be.

But I have now come to accept that this is the time of year when I gain 10-15 pounds within a two and a half day period by munching on various fried, grilled, skewered and/or sauced international delicacies. (The weight gain would have probably been more if it weren't for the 20 pounds lost in the form of sweat, thanks to the sweltering heat.)

* * *
Mexican Street:

I admit: Last year, I shied away from Mexican Street because I thought, "I live in Southern California - why would I want to eat from Mexican Street when I can get really good Mexican food at any other time?"

But I was so wrong.

I've determined that Mexican Street is really one of my favorites. Many food items to choose from, tasty AND cheap.. It can't really get much better than that.

Mmm.. Mexican-style corn. After reading this review of El Rey de el Elote Azado, I've been meaning to try corn prepared in this manner for months but haven't found the chance. Although the one at street fair uses boiled corn instead of roasted (which means I will still have to make a visit to the truck of the "Roasted Corn King"), I don't think I'll ever top my corn any other way again: mayo, butter, lime, cojita cheese and cayenne pepper.

Deluxe nachos: topped with guacamole, pinto beans, steak, sour cream and cheese.

And finally, the carne asada tacos and quesadillas with homemade corn tortillas. I didn't get these for myself, but they certainly got multiple rave reviews from my friends.

Next year Mexican Street must-try:
Homemade chicken and pork tamales.

* * *
Greek Street:

Another favorite street! First, the delectable gyro:

And this is how I really ate it:

.... What..? I don't like huge pieces of onion and tomato in there. Just give me the tender lamb patties, toasted pita bread and tzatziki.

The baklava's been a hit in the past, but for some reason the ones I got this year were a little bitter. But the chocolate trigona in the background there, that was amazing.

I also got a beef souvlakia, but I had them drench it in tzatziki, so that the steak was drowning in a white mess.. Not very appetizing to the eye, but very (dare I say?) yummy for my tummy.

Next year Greek Street must-try:

* * *
Miscellaneous Streets:

Fried lobster balls from Japanese Ginza (/Asian Street, I guess). Although I have doubts of whether these contained very much lobster at all, I love fish bakso, so it was hard to screw this one up. I found specks of masago in there, which made me happy.

Fish and chips
from British Street. Tender cod in fried beer batter (a wild guess, actually), "spritzed" with vinegar and garnished with lemon and fries.

I would have also tried the "Belgian fries" in this vicinity if it weren't for the lack of variety in dipping sauces.

Finally, fresh fried mini donuts sprinkled with cinnamon sugar from American Street. So crispy and warm. Because of these, I was too full for aebleskivers. But I don't regret my choice at all. And look at them, they're so cute (there's my pinky for a size comparison)!

Yum yum yum! (And phew! No wonder this post is five days too late..)

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