Monday, January 19, 2009

Coco-pandan in cupcake form.

I made cupcake versions of pastry chef cousin Irene's coco-pandan cake the other day, and found my method so innovative, I had to share.

Actually, I lie. This is not innovation. It is a fluke.

Upon removal from the oven, I noticed the cakes started deflating rapidly. So much so that it had created quite a significant crater in the middle, in which I spooned the coconut-mochiko filling. Around the edges I piped vanilla whipped cream using a fluted tip.

Success! Yay.

Also, in the recipe for coco-pandan cake, I noted that it's not necessary to dissolve the mochiko in coconut juice. Correction: it is completely necessary, unless you want gritty filling.


cha said...

Aw! I want!

Val said...

These were fun to make. They'll definitely show up at a family party someday.

Lisa said...

Me Wanty

paoix said...

this looks very tasty. can you send some over? hehe

Val said...

Teleporting cupcakes over to you... now.

Let me know if they get there. Heh.