Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Things I would do(oo-oo) for a Neapolitan Klondike bar:

1. Tweet about craving it after hearing about Neapolitan Klondikes from the helpful mustached fellow employed at my local Paper Source.

2. Visit and use its store locator in an attempt to find the Neapolitan bars, only to discover the closest store that carries them is located 50 miles away; tweet about my disappointment.

3. Say YES PLEASE after the kind folks at Klondike offered to me, on Twitter, a "free one-time shipment" of Neapolitan Klondikes in response to aforementioned tweet.

4. Stumble out of bed the next morning to accept a big cold package packed with dry ice while addressing my mother's quizzical stares.

5. Completely disregard my dentist's recommendations to eat only soft, lukewarm foods after getting my wisdom tooth pulled that same day.

6. Substitute my breakfast for one the following day.

7. Begin working on a strategy to somehow obtain future boxes of Neapolitan Klondikes.


Javier Adan said...

i wants some prease!

Inez Valentina said...

Umm if you want to drive out to my parents' house in San Dimas! :P I tried saving the dry ice in my freezer in a Ziploc bag so I could use it for transporting the bars to OC, but that turned into an exploded bag of cold air. Ha.

Joono said...

YUM! I haven't had one of those in so long!

Inez Valentina said...

Hi Joono! There's no denying the yumminess of a Klondike Bar. Apparently the OC Fair is offering deep-fried ones this year..


i haven't had a klondike bar OR a package of neopolitan ice cream since childhood. it'd be like killing two birds with one stone!