Thursday, October 11, 2007

Hi Pinkberry. So nice of you to show up.

Pinkberry finally opened their first Orange County location at Bella Terra in Huntington Beach this week.

FINALLY. Where the hell were you, Pinkberry, in the peak of the summer heat when I was craving tart frozen yogurt and fresh fruit almost every single day, so much so that I was seriously considering trekking to Long Beach to get my fix? Why'd you make me wait this long for you, my swirly and fluffy exquisite dream!?

Sniff. I'm bitter now. I wonder if I'll even drive to Huntington Beach for you (I'll probably just wait for Irvine and Santa Ana).

... Aww. You know I can't stay mad at you. Who am I kidding, I'll still drive to Rancho Cucamonga almost every weekend to get the best, creamiest you out of any Pinkberry around. Humming the jingle all the way there.

(Okay. I'm done now.)

* * *
Pinkberry, Bella Terra
7811 Edinger Ave., #116
Huntington Beach 92647

Pinkberry, Victoria Gardens
7873 Monticello Ave., #1017
Rancho Cucamonga 91739

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